Author Philip Athans is Coming to the Podcast

Since 2011 we've had a miriad of guests but the focal points have always been genre authors and voice actors. In the coming months we will be adding to the list of authors and voice actors we've had on the show and it is my pleasure to announce the next author coming to the show!

A writer and teacher of fantastic writing, Philip Athans comes to us fandom wise, from the Forgotten Realms where he has written with R.A. Salvatore (Spine of the World), The Baldurs Gate Novels, Neverwinter Nights, Sembria (with Richard Byers), Twilight War, and so much more!

Now he works to help others learn how to write as a professor, teacher, and all around friendly guy. I hope you enjoy him on the show as he joins us February 2!

- Jeremiah